Thank you IES Ontario, technicians, Jenn and Tina for your expert care and facilitation of PEMF Therapy for my mare, Zara.  In March 2021, Zara's  sudden onset of lameness, (Vet diagnosed), laminitis and further an undiagnosed hoof abcess, was almost the end of my beautiful mare.  If it had not been for both of your positively encouraging words and great referrals to Natalie, and the use of PEMF Therapy, I don't know if I could have watched her suffer another day.  

The PEMF Therapy, combined with a change of diet and some of Rivas Remedies products as suggested by Natalie from OnTotalWellness, to my greatest relief, my mare, ZARA, blew out the abcess and was well on her way to a faster recovery in just 2 sessions.  Today, as at end of April 2021, she is cantering and trotting around without her special hoof boots!

Thank you so much for giving me more time with my Princess mare! 

Julia T.

I LOVE golf, but have not been able to play for 5 years due to a back injury I sustained at 18 that progressively reduced my mobility as I have aged. Now 63, I thought my golfing days were over, however, in just a short month, PEMF Therapy sessions with IES Ontario technicians, I can now swing a club!

PEMF has reduced the inflammation and pain in my back substantially!  

Thank you ladies and PEMF!  Wishing you great success!

Mike W.


I am so happy I called IES Ontario and they sent out their Saddle Fit professional, Jenn Vereshack.  I was experiencing that by the end of a summer, my mare was spooking more, stumbling and just over all misbehaving...  I had NO idea it was her poor fitting saddle!  Jenn was friendly, knowledgeable, helpful in not only pointing out the issues, but helped me find a new saddle that fits GREAT!  Thanks so much Jenn, you are a GEM!

S. Mills