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PEMF/Energy Body work for Laminitis

Laminitis used to be a life sentence. It is devastating for an owner to witness and watch their beloved equine partner in this severely painful and life threatening condition. Many owners who have had the unfortunate experience of a laminitis horse know that it is an emotional roller coaster and navigating through all of the remedial therapies can be overwhelming and expensive!

THERE IS HOPE! Laminitis CAN be managed. With a committed management team of Vets, nutritionalists, PEMF Therapy for pain and inflammation reduction, and a specialized hoof trimmer, Laminitic episodes may be a thing of the past. For all intents and purposes, don't be fooled, Laminitis is often a chronic disease, and this program is not for the light of heart. It is a long and sometimes debilitating road but we are here for you to assist in guiding you to the right team.

PEMF Therapy and energy body work can assist in this journey for you and your horse.

Call us if you have any questions or wish to discuss a program to assist you in managing and rehabilitating your lamanitic horse.

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