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Updated: May 4

Ever had your horse step into your space, step on your foot, walk all over you with such subtly that you hardly noticed? Does your horse respect your personal bubble?

Ever given your horse a cue and had your horse bite your knee while riding? It may be MORE than not understanding, or being disrespectful, your horse may have a saddle pinching him/her, and they are trying to tell you.

These are just tiny reminders of disrespect. Horses need a leader or they become your leader, and that is when they will step in your space, bite, nip, kick and push you over.

With the IES team, we can educate and set up instructional training programs to show you how to gently, harmoniously yet devisively gain respect, a leadership position and a great connection with our horses BEFORE getting in the saddle. Start from the ground up correctly and we can show you HOW in just a few educational and instructional sessions.

It's never too late to begin again, to further knowledge.

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