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Does your saddle REALLY fit?

Do you and your equine partner struggle under saddle? Do one or both of your knees hurt after riding?

Keep changing bits because your horse needs more control, spooking, crow-hopping, he/she is generally not happy? If you are asking yourself any of these questions, it could very well be an ill-fitting saddle for you and your equine partner!

Jenn is our Professional Certified Equine Ergonomist (CEE) through Saddlefit 4 Life amongst being our Program Director and one of our TOP riding instructors, trainer, and an Advanced Certified PEMF Technician with 3 PEMF certifications!

Clients are calling from all over Ontario for Jen to assess the rider and their horse for a proper fitting saddle.

As a CEE, Jenn has been rigorously trained to assess individual saddle fit: a saddle must fit both horse and rider if the pair is to move in biomechanical harmony.

What exactly does that mean: Biomechanical harmony? "When horse and rider flow so smoothly and easily together it seems they float together.

If you think your saddle may be at the root of behavioural issues, chronic pain or injury in your horse; if you are experiencing pain or injury as a result of riding and you suspect your saddle is the cause; if you struggle to achieve a solid position in the saddle and are constantly fighting against your tack to maintain good alignment, Is your saddle slipping to one side and you have to keep straightening up?

Then regardless of your chosen discipline you and your equine partner are good candidates for a saddle fit assessment.

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