Sharing your life with a horse is truly a blessed gift. For some a lifelong dream finally realized!   IES Ontario is here to assist you in making your dream with your equine partner a successful reality. 

Whole Horse & Rider Education is available by appointment or in a clinic style course, as the IES team offer programs for every age level.  Foremost, making sure your equine partner is healthy and well trained will give both of you more time to enjoy each other’s company.   Our modern training and coaching style is full of fun techniques that will give you and your equine partner a happier life together.

Integrated Equine Services Ontario was founded in 2020 and has developed a very special reputation within the horse industry servicing Ontario.   We believe that it is possible to have a harmonious relationship with your equine partner, and through IES, giving horse and rider all the possible choices for success.  Whether you are an eventer, a competitive olympian or a dedicated trail rider, IES is here to make sure your equine partner is up to any task.

The IES team specialize and offer Whole Horse and Rider assessments, PEMF/Energy bodywork therapies, Saddle Fit Assessment, Kinesiology taping, Rider Instruction and Behavioural Horse modification through programs or in one on one sessions.  

Horses are social animals, who enjoy a strong bond with their rider.  Let’s get them started right, keeping them healthy and continue on a journey of harmonious training and fun, give them more positive re-enforcement, resulting in a future of health, wellness and happy riding!

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Meet the Team

JENN VERESHACK - BA Psych, CEE, Certified Instructor, Advanced Certified PEMF Therapist, Equine Ergonomics

Jenn Vereshack - IES Program Director

Advanced Certified PEMF Practitioner/Energy Bodyworker

Certified Saddle Fit Assessments

Integrated Equine Services Ontario is proud to have Jenn as the Program Director, in charge of:

Riding Instruction Programs

Horse Training Programs

Research and Development of group and clinic programs.

Jenn is a certified Equine Ergonomist through Saddlefit4Life.   She is currently undergoing certification as a Riding Instructor. 

Her focused intuitive groundwork approach also proven with many clients excites us to offer her many services as part of our team!  


TINA GRENIER - Advanced Certified PEMF Practitioner/Energy Bodyworker, Kinesiology Taping Certified, TuiNa Massage, Reiki, Red Light Therapy, Cold Laser Therapist, Experienced Animal Trainer

Tina Grenier - CEO - Motivational speaker for Organizational Equine management change, Advanced human & animal PEMF Specialist. 

IES is excited to add Tina to our team as she brings with her many years of Corporate leadership in I.T. facilitation and organization, Crisis resolution, combined with her analytical  business management skills, she will implement policies, protocols, programs and systems for IES.  Tina will head up our PEMF Therapy Programs, Energy Bodywork, Marketing, Sales and be available for personalized PEMF/Energy bodywork sessions as well as, kinesiology taping, cold laser therapy, red light and Reiki for horse and rider.   

Being a persuasive and expressive negotiator, Tina will manage and facilitate VIP relationships.  Building our corporate partnerships to further educate all equestrians. Experienced and well versed in all current technologies and industry trends, she will develop programs in training basic canine, guard and therapeutic, combined with horse training/education.  Her strongest intent is to further educate the Equestrian world to all Holistic Therapies and the benefits of energy medicine.